The question of advice is part of the business, when meeting with each entrepreneur…


The question of advice is part of the business, when meeting with each entrepreneur, I think about what can be taken from him, behavior, approach, advice, or some kind of strategy, already depends on him.՝
Larry Page had a lot of ideas, but his teacher Terry Vinograd advised to focus on the structure of links, after which A Big Google was created:
_ I am very grateful to Vinograd for pointing out the right direction, _ later said Larry Page:
Says Thomas Murphy, head of Capital Cities:
He began his lessons with these words – There are things that you should always remember:
Don’t waste time on what you can’t do.:
Andrea Guerra Head of Luxo
He told me not to think about a position at the beginning of my career, but to find people from whom you can learn a lot and become experienced in your work.:
Sam Palmisano, head of IBM.
The first advice I received from my former boss, he advised me not to limit myself to IBM, but to get out of the environment, get acquainted with the approaches of other companies and invest in IBM.:
Joanna Shields head
_ My father always told me never to take the last dollar off the table.:
Bob Iger head of Walt Disney:
I was _12 years old when my father wrote the following lines in my diary: “believe in you first. »:
Director of Indra Nui
_ My father was a great man, always repeated that we should think positively, relieve ourselves of evil and stress.:
Head of Tria Nelson Pelti.
_ : I remember when one day my father stood up and said that if you want to succeed in business, do two things: cut costs and increase its sales

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