You are changing your approach

You are changing your approach
Henry Ford, at the age of 40, had just founded his third company, in which he had just achieved some result, since he had constantly tried and studied before, Fyodor Ovchinnikov had no idea about business, but today Dodo Pizza is already opening pizzerias in the USA and China. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a higher education, do self-education.
It’s nothing that no one believes you — and you don’t need someone to tell you that you will achieve the result, which you will think if you said, then I will achieve.:
Once I read the diary of one of the military, I said that if you want little blood, sweat a lot, train a lot, train:
It’s okay that you are alone-people will come for you, if you have some serious result, you will be a professor of your business. Jan Koum was 35 years old, he was not inferior to anything until he started creating Whatsapp:
Nothing that you will suffer — there is no other option, you need to take risks:
At the site of the mines, cheese is used, from which Argentine sailors run away in horror, or is it a chemical weapon:
Nothing that you are not appreciated — it means that you will look for a better place where you will be appreciated, you will not stay in place.:
Nothing that the poor feel depends on the decisions of the rich — how many people there are, so it should be, the rich will always exploit the poor, you do not sin that you are poor But it’s your sin to die like that:
The Dodge brothers worked for Henry Ford, but disagreements arise between them, the brothers decide not to obey Ford and leave.:
Tesla Edison said that your idea of electricity does not need anything, but today we all have electricity thanks to his idea:
It is necessary to act, sitting does not change anything.

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