In business, sometimes you need to ask the question « how »


In business, sometimes you need to ask the question « how »
1. The irony is that many people think that Henry Ford created a car, but he « just » figured out how to produce cheap, but many cars.
2. The McDonald’s brothers also did not create hamburgers, they « just » thought about how to quickly deliver the order after the order. And Ray Kroc, in turn, does not sell pyramids, but « just » invests in real estate, selling franchises, despite the fact that the franchise created another person.
3. Elon Musk did not create either a car or a connection with NASA, « just » thought how one rocket could be used several times, reducing the cost of the rocket and increasing the frequency of flight into space. In terms of cars,  » just  » changed the gasoline engine to batteries.
4. Oleg Tinkov also did not create a bank, but « just  » changed the concept so that people would not go to the branch to perform banking operations, saving time.
5. Steve Jobs did not create a phone, but « just » changed the details of an existing phone, making it bigger, more unique and more convenient. By changing only the screen and the operating system, it creates a completely new market.
There were so many examples that sometimes you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, and before you start a new business, you just need to ask the following question: how to change something to make it faster, more convenient, cheaper?
How to produce more and cheaper machines-create a production line
How to cook a burger faster-standardize the cooking process
How to develop a business faster — create a franchise
How to Use a Rocket multiple Times — Create engines that are lightweight and reusable
How to create a bank without a branch — create an application and a website
How to create a more convenient phone-change the buttons to the touchscreen.

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