Friends, I see from the news and various


Friends, I see from the news and various Facebook and Telegram groups that the housing crisis in Yerevan is growing by leaps and bounds. The crisis is absolutely artificial, caused, excuse the term « soviet thinking » of apartment owners, but not by the market. For three weeks now, the whole of Armenia has been making noise and discussing that tens of thousands of Russians have arrived in the country (somewhere they write about 100-150 thousand) with a lot of money. And that they dream of paying this money directly to the residents of Yerevan by force and just dream of giving $1,000 or more a month for the murdered « grandmother » Khrushchovka somewhere in the Shengavit area.
You and I understand that the stupid desire to « grab » money is not caused by a big mind, but we do not understand the real situation. It has come to the point that particularly greedy people are already demanding to be evicted from their apartments by those ordinary people who have been renting housing for an average of 100-150 thousand drams per month for several years. Apartment owners who have not outgrown neighboring residents of Ilkhamostan with their brains do not understand that there are many Russians in Yerevan, BUT! Not as much as they think. Not hundreds of thousands, but only 12-15 thousand according to the most optimistic estimates.
Not all of them are « rich » IT specialists, but most of them are ordinary people with an average Russian salary of 50-70 thousand rubles, and you know the ruble exchange rate yourself these days. Of these people, half will leave Armenia in the next six months, as they do not stop looking for other, more convenient relocation sites for them. They will open accounts in Armenian banks, assess the situation and start moving on. Let’s be realistic. So, as a result, they will leave for the most part (especially since an IT specialist can work perfectly and live, for example, in Mexico, Montenegro, the Emirates, and so on, not to mention documents for emigration to Canada), and the owners of Yerevan apartments will « grab » a little more on the hype, as a result they will run and look for to whom to rent an apartment from the locals.
Anyway, the hype in Yerevan will continue in the coming months. It will take some time to reset the brains of people who do not know how to calculate the situation further than their nose. And I believe that it is definitely not worth paying exorbitantly for the murdered apartments. Prices are inflated from scratch. And they will collapse in the same way after some time.
I am telling you responsibly, fellow Russians, that for $1,000 you could have rented a luxury apartment of 100 or more square meters in the center of Yerevan a month ago. With a European renovation, a giant balcony and sometimes even a concierge downstairs. And for $500 you could rent a month ago just a nice apartment of 60-80 meters with a good repair in the center, though without a concierge. And for $200 you could rent an ordinary Soviet apartment in Khrushchovka in a residential area. This is the order of prices considered normal in Yerevan.

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