Which strategy to choose, I will present the cases


Which strategy to choose, I will present the cases, and as for the choice, you will choose՝
Entrepreneurs, professionals, students, have nothing in common with People working in different fields have two opposite strategies.՝
and as a result, when he graduates from university, he will have the same average grades in all subjects, no subject himself will be proficient and will complement the endless chain of average workers in the labor market, being another person who can do a little more than anything else in the world. :
However, some students use a different strategy, for example, if such students are excellent at English, but mathematics is weak, he says:
_ : Sometimes mathematics is not mine, I have basic knowledge, the highest love for God, let’s leave the professionals, I will focus on English:
As a result, such a student graduates from university with excellent results in English is better than others, and, as a rule, is among the top five who know English at their faculty and, of course, it is easier to get a job:
And if you specialize in a particular field, that is, choose one direction and improve, for example, Gleb Arkhangelsky focused on time management, Vladislav Gandapas-leadership, charisma, etc., then by providing this area for several years, you will become a star, become the best in this field, will be in demand and in demand.:

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