Do you see a hill in the background of this photo


Do you see a hill in the background of this photo
In fact, it is not a hill, but a huge mountain
Yes, yes … we are talking about Mount Hedley on the Moon, whose height is about 4.5 kilometers, and the diameter of the base is 25 kilometers:
But then why does this mountain at first glance look like a small hill
The fact is that on the Moon it is quite difficult to estimate the distance between specific objects and, consequently, their sizes:
The first man to set foot on the moon, Neil Armstrong, even spoke about this problem
According to him, because of the small diameter, the horizon of the Moon is about 4 times closer than on Earth, and, in addition, numerous craters covering each other cover the real horizon, creating illusions about the distances and sizes of objects:
And in the photo is the astronaut of the Apollo 15 mission, Jim Irwin, who is going to make an ORV on our satellite with the help of a lunar astronaut
Moon, July 1971

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