Friends, yesterday I took a ride on the famous Swiss trai

Friends, yesterday I took a ride on the famous Swiss train « Bernina Express », which follows from the town of Chur to the Italian Tirano. The route is considered the most picturesque in Switzerland, it runs through Alpine ridges, passes, glaciers, snow peaks, waterfalls and lakes. It takes about 4 hours to drive. Usually the ticket costs more than not cheap — from 150 euros one way. But I found an option to take a ride for only 28 euros in one direction. Tell me?
The fact is that there is such a train from the German town of Singen (Hohentwiel) to the Italian Tirano (Tirano) and this train transits through Switzerland. It costs from 22 euros, depending on the day of the week and the season.
You may ask, what does the Swiss train « Bernina Express » have to do with it? I tell you: in Zurich, this German train is attached to the Swiss one and it follows the route of this very « Bernina Express » to the end of the route. It’s just that some of the cars travel at a tariff of 28 euros from Germany, and some at an internal Swiss tariff of 150 euros or more. But it’s the same train, just the cars are different.
What did I do? I bought a ticket from the German Singen to the Italian Tirano, but boarded the train in the middle of the route in Zurich. This is perfectly legal, you can get on the train at any point of the route if you have a ticket. Similarly, I was traveling back with a ticket to Singen, but got off the train in Zurich.
In total, the trip on the famous « Bernina Express » cost me 56 euros in BOTH directions. And if I bought a ticket directly in Switzerland, it would come out in both directions from about 300 euros.
In the first link below is my video from this trip, I think you will like it.

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