I think many of you are not aware of one of the British sales gurus-Jeff Birch


I think many of you are not aware of one of the British sales gurus-Jeff Birch.
_ A few years ago, when I was working on a construction project, an interesting case happened to me. I managed three employees. one of them was a beginner, I didn’t like him at all, and I’ve been working with the others for a long time and have already adapted to each other. one day I approached two employees and asked them what they were doing. the answers were standard, one said  » « working to get $50 an hour » » and the other said: »implements the planned project. » but the third one, which I didn’t really like, surprised me. his eyes immediately shone and answered: , it was a shock to me when I realized what purpose this person works here for, so if you are selling any product, it is very important that you understand for yourself what the purpose of its use is and what benefit it will bring to the buyer. Sell.:
We decided to influence their emotions and invited them to go on a helicopter trip to help them with this.:
When we were at an altitude of 400 meters, I already mentioned that this is their product, and it’s really nice to travel in a helicopter that they made. everyone was delighted. I mentioned several times that the 50-ton helicopter they were producing was the best, and they were thrilled again. but when I mentioned that this whole mechanism was attached to a mount that is hit with a hammer, not a screw, they became serious and I noticed fear in their face. and from that day on, no one else hit with a hammer, but twisted and tightened with a screw. if you want to have a good sale, then every employee needs to know that this product is primarily for themselves and should be approached cordially:
The reason was that truck drivers transporting cars were not at all interested in how the cars would get there, since the mirror, glass, headlights, etc. were broken during transportation. And this company invited me to solve the problem.:
But when I asked Who is the best driver, they answered: Victor, a man who drove under an impassable bridge in a truck, but scratched the roofs of 12 new cars.:
We decided to give drivers bonuses if they brought the cars harmless, and the result would be noticed if they had no problems with the transportation of cars.: The loss of $ 5 million disappeared:

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