Don’t be the beauty you create by hurting yourself

Don’t be the beauty you create by hurting yourself, pushing, pretending, eliminating yourself. Wonderful people are healthy, self-sufficient and happy women. They are always beautiful, incredibly attractive and sexy, not forgotten and nailed in the brain, regardless of appearance.
Don’t be the kind of motherhood that gives birth to a child in order to tie a man’s leg to the house, drink a glass of water in old age, make the child realize his unfulfilled dreams or just fulfill a plan.
Preserving inner love, be caring about your appearance, learn to love your cellulite and striae, and how you want, work on their elimination-calmly, without self-hatred, do not be afraid to be sincere, cry and laugh when your heart wants, get rid of everything toxic. Give birth when you feel ready, mature and really want to have a baby.
And never be afraid to be alone and don’t let yourself be controlled by threatening to leave you alone. You always have enough of yourself.

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