I consider not being offended by people


I consider not being offended by people to be one of the greatest achievements in terms of my character:
I noticed that the more consciously you grow, the less you get offended (I noticed not only by my example):
This is understandable:
An insult is your permission for another person to influence your life:
When you consciously grow up, you realize that you need to manage your life as much as possible:
What you feel should not be decided by others:
I myself must allow joy to arise within myself and I myself must allow sadness to arise:
Perhaps I will try not to communicate with this person in the future (to communicate a little), but I will not be offended by him:
I will not constantly remember this case, I will not tell my friends about it, I will not get sick, self-isolation will not fall:
The insult stored inside does not solve the problem:
My consciousness tells me that this is an ineffective reaction to the actions of another person:

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