Don’t skimp. Absolutely nothing


Don’t skimp. Absolutely nothing. Don’t shake on yourself. Vui, the leg hurt, wow, the cafe was closed, the stomach was left without cappuccino, and who will wash the same amount, and who hangs these shelves? I’ll forget, I made three more pages. Oh, we have the same problems, our soul, our heart, our feelings, because we are so special, just us. No one understands us. We should make a little effort lying on the couch, our dream does not fall from heaven on our heads, we should not avoid problems, but find solutions. Our wonderful eyes, our tender soul, fragile chakras. Ah, what a misfortune, we have to grieve ourselves a little in order to become better, to live better. This is also not enough: we locked ourselves at home, it’s not interesting, our super-non-repeating and saddest person in the world is bored. What injustice, what inhuman repression against our faience bodies.
Can you stand it, archaic? You just need to organize your work and rest properly. If you want to achieve results, stop saving. Still, you will find that « literature in the original English » was not a lifelong dream, just the result of two months of systematic, moderate, productive work. And you will start building big dreams. And achieve this.
These days are a great occasion to harden your willpower and change your character. Yes, at the same time, to start eating healthy food. And then you’re the only one whining rhyme

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