One of our greatest moments․․․


One of our greatest moments․․․
Has there ever been a moment with you when you decided to start something, take a step, confess your love to someone, I don’t know, make a practical offer or start a business and say some voice from the inside․
– But you don’t have education․
– You don’t have dates․
– No experience․
— You can’t do anything without money
– And what if everyone rejects you?․
This, as an example, happened to me, and because of this useless inner voice that simply convinces us from the inside not to do anything, ideals that are buried, thoughts that do not come true, people who never reach each other, and so on.
That is, we ourselves kill several unrelated arguments in ourselves, full of wonderful ideas. Sometimes it’s worth trying to go against this inner conviction, I didn’t say, I’ll find a solution.
You don’t know what will happen, I’ll tell you, you’ll do it and you won’t get it. You will get upset, write a status that is not a place for me, not a country, does not matter, you cannot, etc., And I will congratulate you in the comments that you have already accumulated some experience, defeated these senseless reasons inside yourself and are moving forward. I’ll tell you why I imagine it so calmly.
So, there is a kind of spider that the male knows about, after any relationship the female will eat it, and he will understand that he will die, but he will do it. Whatever it is, the worst thing that can happen to us is death, from starting a business, an offer, recognition, or from some step none of us will die, that’s for sure, so it’s worth starting. And what, I will say, if we are talking about business, then what you will do with a smile on your face every day — whether you will bake a cake, deliver, serve, produce, export or just sell the goods does not matter:

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