Aztec Mistake 1519


Aztec Mistake
In the Aztec faith, there was a tradition according to which the God Quezalcoatl would return in the year of beets, insulted by the God Videomatlipoca, who left the depths of the seas to take revenge. And the wounded Quetzalcoatl returns in 1519 in the form of Hernan Cortez, an even more formidable animal sitting on a horse. By the way, there were no horses in America before the Europeans, and for them there were horses equal to a monster. It was the year of the beetroot according to the Aztec calendar, and the conspiracy theory works: Quetzalcoatl returns with white skin, beard, sitting on a horse.
Spaniards have never seen a giant city like the Aztec capital, Tenotchitlan. Tenotchitlan with its infrastructure overshadowed the cities of Europe, and in size was one of the largest cities in the world. As the Spaniards noted, they had never seen a city with such a structure, since the city was built in a unique valley, next to which Lake Texcoco was located. As contemporaries noted, Tenotchitlan looked like the Venice of America. Although Cortez and his horse were terrified, the Aztecs soon realize that the latter is just an ordinary man, and not the god Quezalcoatl, who can you fight?
The Spaniards put two conditions before the Aztecs՝
1. Gold, gold and only gold
2. Stop the tradition of sacrificing the gods of people
The Aztecs give gold, but they do not reject the tradition of donating. And in vain. Looking ahead, I note that before the appearance of Cortes, the Aztecs captured the places of residence of many neighboring tribes, defeated them and sacrificed prisoners for the sake of their gods. They sacrificed so many people that all the other tribes around dreamed of revenge. I don’t know if Cortes would have succeeded without help or not, but these tribes make a great contribution to Cortes’ success by providing engineers, maps, and information, because they dreamed of defeating the Aztecs at any cost, instead of stopping the Spaniards with unanimous forces. They also assumed that Quetzalcoatl had come to save them from the Aztecs. For the sake of revenge, they provide everything, help Cortez, so that the latter captures Tenotchitlan.
In 1521, one of the most beautiful cities in the world also dies, so disappears that even the name of the city is taken, renaming the city to Mexico City in honor of the god of war. The mistake of the Aztecs was that they did not unite other tribes, did not cancel the sacrifices and did not extend a hand to the allies. This is what disagreement leads to, because after the Aztecs, the turn comes to other Indian tribes, because we are talking about Europeans.

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