Spill on our head


Oh, they say that tomorrow night the stars will « spill on our head »
Now you will say: « are you crazy, what? ».. And we will also say that we will read it to the end, and everything will fall into place.
So, on the night of April 22-23, we are waiting for a fantastic event, namely the peak of the meteor shower Lir (Lyrid), which you can also witness
What Lira?.. What is ASUP?.. What is the witness?.. What’s happening?.. In fact, such questions may arise, so we have prepared a detailed post for you.

You see, during meteor showers and, moreover, their peaks in the sky, you can observe much more meteors than usual, known as « shooting stars », « starfall », etc.. ..
There are a number of asupov streams, among which our today’s main character is the asupov stream Lir))
As for the interesting name of the stream, it is associated with the constellation lyra:.. the fact is that when you look at the sky, you will get the impression that all these asupas « come » to Earth from the specified constellation, and therefore they say to these asupas of the meteor shower: lyres

In general, many ASPs can be observed in the Earth’s atmosphere, but during flows and, in particular, their peaks, the number of ASPs increases dramatically… Why?..
The main sources of meteor showers are comets. Imagine such a situation: the comet left behind a lot of small fragments that continue to persist in the form of accumulated debris. And since our country is on the move, it meets these fragments with a certain periodicity, which are already beginning to burn in large quantities in the atmosphere and cause what we call asup flows.

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