Acquaintance with the product « experience


« Acquaintance with the product « experience ».
Attracting customers is one of the most important functions of any business, and Todd Carpenter, one of Subway’s development agents, knows this well. When Todd was 20 years old, he surprisingly increased sales from $2,000 a week to $8,000 a week, attracting the attention of management. It was a noteworthy step, and founder Fred Deluca was wondering how he managed it, what Todd was doing, what others were not doing. It turns out that he went to the metro area every day, visited different houses and introduced himself․
« Hi, I’m Todd Carpenter, who owned Subway. Have you ever been to Subway » if the answer was no, then Todd would say, « As the owner of Subway, I invite you to dinner » and take out a coupon for a free lunch from his pocket, saying that he was there every day and would wait with love. Then he reminded me of the address again and left. And if they said yes, we visited, then Todd replied
, « Did you like it? « then, after learning the answer, he said: « I’m very glad you liked it, I’m there every day, if it’s convenient, Visit us again  » and takes out a coupon from another pocket

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