What do we value more, talent or hard work


What do we value more, talent or hard work
Harvard conducted a study and in the first case brought together two groups of people and presented a song. One group is told that the author of the song is a talent, that’s how he was born, and another group is told that the author of the song has worked for a long time, suffered, gained experience and achieved such mastery. Which band do you think rated the music the most highly?
In another study, people are divided into two groups and show a speech by one businessman, where the group members are asked what the success of his startup will be, rate it. Once again, one group is told that he is a natural talent, and another group is told that thanks to many years of work, suffering, education and experience, he has achieved such a result.
In your opinion, which group gave the highest rating? It turns out that the highest assessment of both the creator of the song and the businessman was given by the band, which was told that she was a talent. The paradox here is that people valued talent, not hard work, why is this so?
Because people love a beautiful story, subconsciously put themselves in the place of the hero of this story and go all smoothly and achieve results. They are interested in the screen, and no one is interested in what happened behind the screen. This is where the paradox of business lies, that people are attracted by a wonderful story, lightness (there was a talent from birth, did the same thing, there is a result), and not work, education, laying on their heads, moving forward and destroying walls.

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