This gloomy and shabby van with


This gloomy and shabby van with Palestinian flags in the middle of Geneva caught my attention. I thought it was some kind of protest in defense of the Palestinians and condemning the eternal « aggression » of Israel, but it was empty around and I even thought that the dudes had chosen a bad time for protests. Now there are no other conflicts in the world besides Ukraine.

But when I got closer, I realized that they were just selling falafel. Moreover, by Swiss standards, it is inexpensive – 10 francs (11 euros). But the entourage certainly does not inspire confidence, just the van of Ossama Bin Laden. So I went to the nearest supermarket of the Migros chain and bought my usual economy dinner in this very expensive country: cheese slices, bread, two tomatoes and a bottle of mineral water.

Probably, someone thinks that when I go to Europe to meet with politicians or journalists on the topic of Karabakh, I am fed and watered? You’re wrong. If they are treated, it is only by kind local Armenians, purely in a friendly way. The Europeans don’t even treat me in the dining room of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, where I visited an hour ago. So 14 francs for soup and salad, but deputies are allocated a separate allowance for lunch money. I’m being ironic, of course, but in general, this is not a hospitable Armenia for you. But I don’t come here for lunch either, as you understand.

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