I have seen a lot how people have a lot of feelings in difficult situations, but little influence

I have seen a lot how people have a lot of feelings in difficult situations, but little influence:
I myself was once like that:
You can get angry, scream, cry, swear, but mostly it does not help to solve the problem, either solves an incomplete problem, or aggravates it:
Cold helps to focus on the solution (effect) :
In this situation, a cold-blooded person has more chances to do the right thing:
« A person is an emotional being. » Sometimes I hear: « it is impossible to be cold-blooded in difficult situations »:
People are different:
When one person fails at something, it is difficult for him to understand how the other is doing:
One will calmly pass by the sweets on the table, the other will eat one at each pass:
Having lost a loved one, one will not accept this thought for a long time and will suffer, the other will realize that it is already impossible to change anything and take care of other relatives:
During a fire, a cold-blooded person will close the gas valve, and an emotional person will scream senselessly:
Being cold-blooded is a choice that you achieve by working on yourself:
Conscious growth helps you become more cool-headed where a solution is needed:
It doesn’t always work out, but it turns out more than before:

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