Access to the underground tunnel of aliens

Access to the underground tunnel of aliens
So, the other day NASA published this image taken on May 7 by the Curiosity Rover, which made a lot of noise on the Internet ))
Several users began to argue that the image In the center of the photo is an artificial entrance and leads to a shelter from aliens
Professor Sanjeev Gupta of King’s College London, who also worked on the mission, spoke on the topic:
According to him, although the picture in the photo really looks like the entrance to the tunnel, but nothing says that it could be of artificial origin ))
According to the specialist, this « entry » can occur very calmly as a result of geological processes occurring on the surface of the red planet.:
Moreover, the picture turned out with a very large zoom, and the height of the « door » is only 45 centimeters ))
Well… and who said that the Martians are as big as we are
Anyway, Curiosity will still remain in place and will continue to Explore it:
Such things )

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