According to various estimates

According to various estimates, there are 100-400 billion stars in the Milky Way, and we are in a system created by one of them
We have not yet managed to get out of this system (even in the form of a robot), but the technological development of humanity at some point should lead us to this result…
It is difficult to say exactly what we will find in our big house when we begin to enter some of its billions of « rooms »:.. this thought shakes our imagination to such an extent that the most incredible and fantastic ideas come))
And while we and our descendants, inspired by imagination and curiosity, will call the most distant journeys of humanity a reality, now we can admire the magnificent images of the Milky Way
Here are 12 photos taken in 2022, we are talking about voices from a black hole in the center of the Perseus galaxy cluster, obtained using the so-called sonification:
This is the transformation of waves emanating from various cosmic bodies into sound
But there is a but. this sonification differs significantly from the previously published ones))
According to NASA, there is a common misconception that sound does not propagate in space at all, but this is not the case:
Specifically, Perseus has as much gas inside the galaxy cluster as is necessary for the propagation of a sound wave, even a weak one))
Thus, the specialists managed to use the Chandra X-ray telescope to catch sound waves propagating from the black hole in the center of Perseus, after which, in order to be heard by the human ear, they were raised to 288 quadrillions per hour, each of which can claim the title of the best photo of the year

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