Advice from a Jewish mother to a married son

Advice from a Jewish mother to a married son:
My son, remember…
It’s never going to happen because she didn’t give birth to you.:
Never tell your wife. «Mom did it.»:
Forever forget the phrase «My mother did better» :
Don’t complain about your wife, because you chose:
It was a very long time ago and this is not someone’s job:
This is very important and take a little chocolate or juice along the way:..
Remember, the main woman in your life is your wife:
If your wife asks you if this dress does not make her fat, always answer: «what you say is the other way around, it seems to me that the more you lose weight»:
If a woman asks you for something (repair, vacuum cleaner, etc.), always agree the third time. If he says it a third time, it is definitely necessary.:
Remember, they gave birth to the woman of your choice:
Always read books:
Spend 6 days with your family and one with your friends.:
Never walk empty-handed, it’s disrespectful:
Always congratulate your wife on any holiday, this is important for women:
Remember that for your wife and children you are a barometer of tranquility and reliability:

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