And since I met very good moms here, you can definitely

Now I really need spiritual help.. And since I met very good moms here, you can definitely help me
you will tell me what I should buy for the hygiene of the child (newborn) and please provide me with useful information related to the care of the child.. My firstborn is still 5 months pregnant, but I’m worried and think I can’t take care of my chick
My baby has health problems (besides, we are different), he can’t come to help with this, and my mom is very far from us. So, I have to be well aware of everything in order to do everything with accuracy.
My husband is thinking about bringing an assistant, but I’m against it (I don’t trust anyone in this)..
Of course, adults share their experiences, but I want you to strengthen me and warm my spirit. Every time I think I’m bathing a baby, I can do harm ️ there are fears among me that I can’t overcome)
Now I’m afraid to even put a hat on the head of my brother’s newborn baby or put on a helmet. I constantly think that I can harm the child yesterday my mother-in-law went to trade, I came and said that the child had no food, could you say no, my husband wants money, and this is not the first time I have been told something like this. This morning I wanted to go to the trade, I told my husband, and I took the money , and I told the child to take a few things with me , I wanted to buy shoes for the child. My mother-in-law started to quarrel, says that she took the money yesterday, let you take it, we went with each other , or as you go alone today, let you make sure that I go with you (he went to another place). I called my husband and started complaining that I didn’t take into account the great and wanted to do everything. My husband almost always defends his mother in any matter. What should I do in this case

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