But there is a minus below me

But there is a minus below me, girls have always dreamed of a partner with a fight of things, but in this case it is not enough, and this is only a minus. what should I do to make my thoughts disappear, because it doesn’t matter to me it seems like another full-fledged partner? happiness: For 20 years, my friends have been saying that your fight will be watched by busat, and you are just starting your life…What does a friend know, what values does she know about? Turn on the brain button and turn off the girlfriend, everything will go right.You wrote everything about the guy, but not a word about your feelings, if you don’t love, then today you will catch the reason, tomorrow-something else…

1.You can book a cafe on the roof, invite to a nice dinner, give some kind of trade or trade gift card and spend time together.
2. If you are a lover of outdoor activities, then any tour to a beautiful place in Armenia or Tbilisi for at least one day, or a hike,
3. if there is an event in any cafe-club, go enjoy good music, rejoice and have dinner.
4. If you like to take pictures, you can choose beautiful clothes, make-up and a cute photo shoot as something memorable

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