Donuts and a black hole 

Donuts and a black hole
As you remember, on May 12, a historical photo of the entity was published, which shows a supermassive black hole in the center of our Milky Way galaxy (SgrA*)… in particular, his shadow, but it doesn’t matter now
Now, to understand how much space this shadow occupies in our sky, Ezo gives an example of donuts:..
It sounds a little incredible, but this giant shadow of a black hole takes up as much space in the sky as pstlo donuts on the surface of the Moon
Ezo reports that the smallness of this whale makes it impossible to « see » it with one (even a huge) telescope:.. To do this, several telescopes were used in different parts of the world, which, working with each other, made the globe look like a giant radio telescope
Below you can see a historical photo of the depression on the left and donuts with « photoshop » next to Neil Armstrong’s footprint on the moon on the right
At first glance, it’s hard to believe that these shots are real, but they are
This impressive video shows the approach to Solar Orbiter equipment for studying the Sun to our lamp:
The video was made as a result of comparing photos taken by Solar Orbiter in the period from January 30 to April
And these shots were published by the European Space Agency

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