For example, you can break the connection for a while, not open it.

I’ve been talking to the guy for 3 weeks now, and I’m really interested in your opinion, and I’m ready to listen and accept your advice. I am 22 years old, he is 26.
Shaat is a good guy with an indescribably good attitude, loves me very much, fought for a very long time, and one day I thought that esca fought, so it’s worth giving a chance.. Now we are communicating, everything is fine, but the spark that always happens at the first meeting with a person was not with me, and this keeps me from deepening the relationship. I don’t feel any love for him, just a nice guy with a very good attitude. Now I want to hear you, each of you, believe me, is very important to me, my loved ones say that his love is important, happiness that will delight me all my life, and I will increase warmth and feelings over time … I don’t know, I’m really confused.

For example, you can break the connection for a while, not open it.
Do you like its advantages and disadvantages?
What is given to us easily tires us early and leaves no trace in our heart.
Sometimes, in search of happiness, we hover at a distance. And what is next to us, we do not notice.
Continue to communicate with him and pay attention to the circumstances. Often put yourself to the test and yourself. Sometimes you need to try to understand if you love this person or not, or how valuable he is to you.

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