Girls Jan Hi, I’ll write a long story get ready 

Girls Jan Hi, I’ll write a long story get ready
I have been married for 5 years, I have a child, I will not say that my husband is wonderful or such things, we are an ordinary family with love, with respect, well, fights are unceremonious
now the question of mameon :
I will note that I am my husband’s second wife (I was not the reason for the separation, and I will note that), my mother-in-law from her husband’s first wife broke up and is not bribed. :
Every time my husband remembered his mother, that I was his wife, that he was happy with me and remembered that my life changed after I married him :
It’s okay, I don’t mind that, but I know that it won’t lead us to anything good, because the purpose of this girl’s life is to separate us from her. :
Now we live in Russia, and our mother-in-law is with us, but after 10 days Armenia, remembering Kara, will start the same story again as a few years ago, is already getting worse, and without this I barely forgave her words :
Girls now tell me what to do, I will also note that I underwent a serious operation 6 months ago, and categorically do not give in, but this woman does not understand:
Don’t talk about anything alone, his rancid face doesn’t work out and don’t talk to me for several days, don’t eat cooked, because for no reason, how can I not give way to that iron antichrist, and I don’t have such health:
Tell me how else to be in their place:
Last time my husband was arguing, and I came home from the door I heard my husband say that I make the difference between the children both my children, I say that I don’t sew it I love after that I don’t even want to see the face correctly speaking :

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