Girls, psychologically I’m in a bad state

Girls, psychologically I’m in a bad state, I’m very sad and crying terribly. My question may seem pointless, but I’m really upset. How many close friends I have, everyone has either friends or likes.Exclusively everything. It’s not that I envy them, it’s true, I’m really glad to see them all, I just don’t like them, and I’m very upset that they start talking from their friends or likes, and I have nothing to tell. I consider myself smart and successful in my studies and work, but outwardly I do not consider myself handsome and I see this in relation to boys. For example, can I and one of the girls working with me communicate with our colleagues and notice that they do not pay attention to me, are always ignored by guys?
For example, one of my friends, rather uneducated and tactless behavior, speaks slang, but outwardly very beautiful and attractive, and for her the guys were standing in line. Communicates with one, does not like, moves on to another. And I don’t have at least one like. I’m really discouraged, it seems to me that there will never be someone who I like. And that I meet unmarried women in my environment, I think that I will be like that too. What should I do to make guys pay attention to me?First ask yourself if there are no more ugly girls in the world than you who are married. Paston definitely, of course there is. Hence the conclusion that the problem is not in your appearance. People are attracted by temperament, self-confidence, positive energy, humor, smile;..
If you are sure that you have the above, then start paying attention to your style. Love yourself, and people will start loving you too.

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