Good afternoon, girls, I hope it won’t take long

Good afternoon, girls, I hope it won’t take long, I need your help, if there are gynecologists in the group, I want to get an opinion..according to the doctor’s instructions, candles at home, well, as you understand, from time to time we are treated, I don’t think about cheating, my husband loves me very much. but in the end we realized that it was dark, 1 week after that, yesterday, well, I put another candle, I went to sleep in the park, my husband also came, started kissing, barely barely barely, a terrible storm began after the relationship, and in the morning there were traces of blood, Now I’m so scared, I don’t know what to do, I’m wondering if there might be cracks inside, erosion or I don’t know what, come on, ️ ️ tell me what to do

According to the developer, that is why a new building was built, the water flow was closed, the sewerage system changed, and he would not have spent so much money on one building if there was such a risk., I can’t trust the decision of the mayor’s office, you understand that for money they can confirm the absence of a problem and allow construction.

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