Grandfather, what people should I communicate with

Grandfather, what people should I communicate with?
_ Reasonable and ignorant, good and bad.
_ But why?
_ To be able to distinguish good from evil.
_ But I want to communicate with the right people in private, learn them, learn from them.
_ A tree that is a tree cannot have identical and healthy fruits.Therefore, there are good and evil people in the world.To separate them from each other, you must first communicate and recognize them.But you have to be very careful and vigilant.
_ Why?
_ Because the hypocrites confuse you.Stupid people with their short minds confuse you.The ignorant will show you the direction.Akana te peren. are you going to humiliate the big guys?The charhogs will laugh at you.Envious people will appreciate you.Those who fail will drive you crazy…
Grandfather, attends.Je don’t want to talk to people too différents.Je will say more, and I don’t want to date people like that.
_ You will meet such people, regardless of your will.They will meet you like trials.Thanks to them, you will gain wisdom and experience.
_ And in this case, what will the right people give me?
_ Hope and faith . An optimism that is still not over.They will help you live and believe that the end of evil will come one day.That after the darkness there will be dawn
_ But after meeting such bad people, I will be very disappointed, broken and contrarié.Je will stop believing and trusting people.
_ Oui.Il there will be such feelings.It will be inevitable.But you have to be strong and brave.Remember, life does not like the weak.
_ But before meeting them, people are weak and inexperienced.
_ Yes, first of all.But then they just can’t be, they have no right.
_ Grandpa will be you will always be by my side and hold my hand tightly so that I feel strong and safe.Otherwise, I can’t be strong and brave without you.
_ Not a petit-fils.Je am not Éternel.Je can’t always be with you.But my words and advice, you can always keep close and get souvenir.Je will not be by your side, but my words will always accompany you.

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