Have you noticed how beautiful happy people are

Have you noticed how beautiful happy people are?:
But can we influence the dose of someone else’s happiness?:
1. if you feel that the issue of his change is more important to you than all his positive aspects and yourself, just leave him alone.:
2. After all, all adversities are just lessons so that the next time the result will be better.:
3. Are you listening?:
4. The only one as a friend, a girl, a person regardless of position:
5. Just make it a part of your daily life and see how you turn from an ordinary person into a reason to smile:
Have a nice day, dear soul:
How do you make yourself happy?I always thought that when girls say My boyfriend won’t let me work, my boyfriend won’t let me dye my hair… this happens in people under 20 years of age. And then it turns out that no, a girl I know, who is 30+, proudly told me that she barely persuaded a friend to leave to work. Well, I was surprised to say that my husband and I have never had such a problem, because in order not to leave each other, we are already big enough (let’s really discuss, understand, advise each other), and the answer surprised me, said that next to me a man should be another ruler to to feel that there is a man next to me. Let’s say I came home and I’m in my thoughts, that is, if my husband accepts you as a mature person, respects you and does not listen to your decisions, So, guys, come on, tell me, what are you leaving or not letting go of your girlfriends?

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