He is still in demand. This was the first tractor to which different price

He is still in demand. This was the first tractor to which different price-setting devices were used. Scrapers, rollers, dump trucks. He was first in his class. Now, according to this principle, dump trucks, Volvo rollers, Caterpillar are being built… There are many of them in quarries and in road construction. I saw it in Germany last week. Who does not understand what it is and for what, correctly said, read the description. Bulldozers, scrapers from 500 to 5 km, dump trucks from 5 and above are used to transport soil at a distance of up to 500 meters. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it can cut the soil of the right thickness, self-load, and also, with the right thickness, pour it out. When I handed over my license, I drove with a semi-trailer scraper, based on the T150. A very cool thing. Directly such, on the basis of MOAZ, we had as a sample. During the construction of canals in the South of Ukraine, they were in greater numbers. The latter were in Special Evacuation last year. I saw them in work personally, at least 5 years ago, when improving the slides for motocross

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