I came to one topic

I came to one topic, it’s not a topic of absolute anonymity, but I don’t want to receive letters from thousands (there are many acquaintances in the group).. I don’t know who this topic is familiar with, I want to give advice. At 21 weeks of pregnancy-my firstborn (I will not describe the degree of happiness, you definitely have a very good idea)️especially since this is the most anticipated event for me ).. everything seems to be perfect, we are a beautiful couple (really), my husband is very loyal and caring, but I have a small problem that already bothers me a lot. Before I got pregnant, I was a pretty empathetic person, a light speech, a post or a movie, and I’m going to cry. Now there are more things like mine. I became quite hypersensitive and tense, became very aggressive. I used to convince my husband that we should leave the house, go somewhere, now it’s the opposite. I can’t talk on the phone absolutely. Even when my husband is at work, he calls, I don’t want to talk to him, of course, he understands my condition, he gives advice a lot of time, writes a letter « go down to the yard or sleep, rest. ». but I’m afraid to push myself away with this behavior.
I often think about childbirth and this fear further increases my aggression. I dream of having a child, but I’m afraid-terribly.
I don’t know how to get rid of this negative. It seems that everything is perfect, but there is so much of this aggression that I cannot eliminate it.

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