I can’t accept my grandparents

I can’t accept my grandparents. I see them gossiping in front of me, calling everyone names, insulting my mother. I will do something wrong, they will say « mord manor ». as if they cause envy for another grandson and for each other in me. (I am a boy’s daughter). I’m doing one thing. They say, « Look how he did it. » In a word, I am very angry with my type. What should I do to distort the anger. I tried my best, I give them a lot of love and attention, but they hit me on the back, for example, I will spend a very pleasant day with them, if I didn’t like the word I said, grandma, crying, will call her father, tell her daughter what a sour word is, but she comes up with a lot of things, I don’t say that. they are not old 60 grandparents 65, and I am now in these problems with 22 children, I don’t want to go to their home anymore. it is not necessary to communicate, what kind of grandparents are they, if people are not good people, toxic, why communicate))) people should get positive charges from communicating with each other, and not spoil the mood))

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