I do not know how to handle him

I do not know how to handle him, my life has made hell every day I clean the house, I make bread, The Hawks of the whole house are on me, 4 months ago I underwent surgery, and 6 months I can’t have a baby before that I had a miscarriage due to a cold, and my operation was due tobecause of colds in their house, it was cold all winter, I didn’t eat normally, as soon as my husband came home, he just turned it on, they didn’t have constant hot cold water in a word. Inadu gets dirty at home, lights matches, throws them on the floor, dirty bath enters the mud, the next day, they notice traces of greasy hands, I clean the gas, Inada spills coffee, Inada gets dirty from heating bread, in a word, I don’t know what anyone said, Together with them, Inada calls the girl, says things like low-quality for hurting me (the girl is pregnant and very good, but she also threw into my eyes)She says I raised such healthy children not like others. Girls, I do not know how to handle him, once I told my husband that I fought a lot with my mother and father now I started the same thing again I don’t want to constantly quarrel and talk, I want to sleep with a clear conscience all night I jump up, cry in my sleep my whole psyche is disturbed, as soon as a person comes into the house he becomes a miracle, it seems to everyone, That he’s a treasure, I’m lying for exactly an hour. I hear my Caesar talking in vain, Caesar loves me, but he says so much that he catches my eye. My husband understands all this very well and is close to me, but it does not comfort me. We don’t have the opportunity to stand out, I can’t work, and I don’t want to break up. I do not know what to do, I will answer, they are in the language (he needs this to throw me in the eyes of my husband), I don’t answer, I become a psychic. I will say that I am a perfectly educated family girl, my parents are by grace, but they treat the poor in such a way that they do not come to our house. I do not know what to do alone I think dying alone will save me just my husband and my parents sin for them I live

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