I got a job, everything was fine, but only on the first day.

I got a job, everything was fine, but only on the first day.
On the second day, the director (owner) very rudely and vulgarly insulted me on the phone, calling me « exhausted and having brain problems » because I had to give him money, and he did not come to the office. .. in the same rude way, I made it clear to him not to try to offend me.
After the incident, he did not greet me for 5 days, then there were attempts to speak rudely and insult me, but the words remained incomplete, the insults were incomplete.
The last day I didn’t come to work, but I called, allegedly made a remark that I left a cup of coffee and tea dirty on the table, I made it clear that this could not have happened, and without pulling or swallowing a word, I said that I was lying.
At the end, when I had to make the employees successful, he said that they were watching willy-nilly to speed up, you don’t need to do it successfully, etc., But I couldn’t stand it anymore, I cursed beautifully and already had a nervous breakdown, made it clear to the latter that I had managed to get closer to my colleagues and every day we are together We ate bread, I can’t help but succeed.
Who else has had a similar case?
Well, why are most Armenian employers such assholes?
By the way, I also note that I did not receive a salary, they said they would be handed over on May 2, and I can’t check because I’m not in the country.

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