I got married 3 months ago to a man I loved for 6 years

I got married 3 months ago to a man I loved for 6 years, enduring, insulting, swearing, distancing myself, war, illness after the war.
Every time we broke up, we saw each other and understood that no matter how much we offended each other, we could not stay without each other.
Since we were already married, there were a lot of problems, but they are not serious or maybe serious, I just need the advice of mature, married women. We live with our parents (there are no problems with them.)
Everything seemed to be fine until the moment when I realized that his work was not enough to give us time, we no longer go to places, and then for months I collected money so that we could see each other
He does not beat me, does not drink, does not mumble, I respect my beloved.
But with all this, I’m probably tired, sitting at home, looking for a job to work from home, learning languages on my own, I want to have more, I want to give my future children what they didn’t give me at the time.A few days ago we were talking about what your goal or dreams are, when he said that I have nothing, no dream, no goal, as if he does not want to move forward and adapts to everything that is today. I don’t know what to do, how to get motivated, return the desire to take me somewhere.
I can’t drown anymore, girls, I just came into life, but I don’t have enough strength, except for cleaning the house and sitting, I have nothing to do

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