I have my own opinion, and I have made a decision

I have my own opinion, and I have made a decision, but I want to hear opinions to make sure whether I am right or not.
I have been married for 7 years, I have a happy family-a loving, devoted husband and children. From the very beginning we lived separately, we were always independent and achieved everything on our own.
The husband lost his father at a young age, and the mother just a few months later left the minor children in the custody of her mother-in-law and together with her mother and her brother’s family left the country. After a very short time, the telephone connection with the mother also disappeared.
Exactly 20 years have passed. The mother appeared. My husband didn’t even want to hear the name, but after my numerous requests, he decided to listen to it. I was also wondering what could make a mother completely orphaned her half-orphaned children and never be interested in them.
In short. the reason, she says, is not an absolute reason for me. He says that over the years he lost his mother and brother, his brother’s wife was the master of bad behavior, and he had to take care of his brother’s children.
For more than a year we have been living in the country where my husband’s mother is, and except for the past 20 years, during which he visited Armenia, but not his children, and during this year there was no initiative to see his son or grandchildren (I will say that during this time there is a weak connection):
Now he expresses a desire to move to live with us. My husband is against it, but I can’t convince him.
I want to hear your opinion. forget and forgive everything and accept him, because, after all, he is a parent, or continue to live his carefree and happy life and say, « who did you care about, let them take care of you. »

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