I loved then because of his indifference, coldness

18 years I’ve been talking to a guy for 1.5 years. I loved then because of his indifference, coldness, mistreatment, I was disappointed.There’s no way I can tell him about it now, but it doesn’t happen that way either. I have said several times that I don’t want to communicate, always threatening me that shame will come to our house other things. We had a relationship, and every time I say break up, I’ll tell you, come to your house and tell everyone what happened. But I didn’t understand what I was doing, I was naive and took advantage of this fact myself.I do not know how to get out of this situation. I don’t have anyone I can ask for advice from. My relationship with my family is not so good, I can’t say anything. I’ll ask for advice on what what should I do?To tell, your first will break their heads, and then they will deal with new you. So don’t be afraid, this type usually doesn’t come
Tell him clearly that you are not afraid of him, that you have already told someone what is needed, and send him to hell.
And there is nothing wrong with a relationship with a loved one, so you can’t disgrace yourself and nothing more. Take it with you.

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