I really ask the girls give me the precious moments of your life, advise me a little

I really ask the girls give me the precious moments of your life, advise me a little (to recover) so to speak
Going through a rather difficult path, overcoming many, many problems, I smile again, begin to take care of myself, train, organize an interesting day for my children, and also:
Being 31 years old, I think this is the age when people (relatives, relatives, blood) should understand that you can’t say such things to a person so that this person falls into nervous feelings again, and no matter how much my father puts me on my feet with his advice, life experience, unhappy people anyway they still irritate you to such an extent that your body is shaking with nerves again. I’m happy, I smile, especially when I’m shopping, I begin to be strong, to fight, they break me, give up, I really want to work more happily, but I can’t, because I have children and live separately, therefore, there is no guardian, and the baby does not go to the garden yet. I like to take pictures. I’m thinking of taking a camera on credit and doing this. Now the question is: is it possible to create income as soon as possible, naturally, as a result of my diligence, in order to be able to pay my loan as well? So to speak, I will be crowned with success.  I have a husband, everything is fine in our family, but I’m tired of idleness, I want to create my own, let them lose their temper,,, just smile and live your wonderful life, people have become very jealous and angry, it’s a pity that instead of joining the lucky ones, they slander,,,, honestly, we lack love, I’ve fallen in love with you the whole nation, I felt positive energy from you, please

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