I really ask you to help me understand who

I really ask you to help me understand who had Candida in the oral cavity or in the throat, I can’t say for sure that it was Candida, because when I gave the analysis, they took a smear from my throat and only in the answer they noted streptococcus and wrote normally, I will also note hoarse gastritis-reflux dudenitis ((but for 2 months now my tongue has been turning white periodically, I feel an unpleasant taste and smell, bitterness and especially heartburn in my mouth, but I can no longer resist fixing myself in this direction, what should I do?, I will soon return to my homeland and undergo research there, because I live in Russia and am sincerely dissatisfied with the local specialists… My immunity deteriorated after El Corona, and I kind of violated it already, I think maybe it’s really Candida, but they don’t disclose it here..

If the sowing did not show the presence of Candida fungus, then I would advise you to stop thinking about what does not exist, and contact another specialist and, if necessary, undergo other examinations under the guidance of a doctor.
No growth was recorded. No treatment has been prescribed.

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