I thought a lot, because I am sure that I will be subjected to a lot of criticisms and places

Before writing « Jan girls », I thought a lot, because I am sure that I will be subjected to a lot of criticisms and places.
But in any case, I tried to share with you, because I have an unspeakably bad state of mind, and I hope that there will be compassionate and understanding people who will support me with their advice.
I am married, I have two miraculous children, My husband is a very nice guy, caring, devoted to Khayre, I can talk endlessly about my good qualities.
I will say that I graduated from an educational institution for about 5 years, but we always meet with student friends, and during our last meeting we decided to get together as a whole course.
Among those gathered was my former friend, with whom we had been friends for about three years, but then he moved to continue his studies, and our connection was interrupted. However, after this meeting, it seems that everything has refreshed again, found a new breath, and friendly meetings have already become intimate. I will say that after each meeting I felt terribly bad, and I realized that I was cheating not only on my husband, but also on children, parents and loved ones who loved and trusted me, and this physical desire became more and more disgusting, because the price I paid for it was very sharp. During the last meeting, I said that I did not want to meet, and I was wrong all the time, after this conversation he became a silent other person, threatened me, met with atypuma, the last few times he tried not to go to the meeting under various pretexts, but I do not know what option to find to finally get rid of Iran. I can’t ask for help from my husband, relatives, and it’s pointless to talk to him, » I say, and when and how much I want, come to the Lord.

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