I want to tell you about my problem, I will try not to be too voluminous

I want to tell you about my problem, I will try not to be too voluminous.
I graduated from the university with excellent academic performance (free of charge). I used to be able to remember what I read, imagine, understand, but for quite some time I can’t remember what I read, what I heard. Professional books, some interesting materials, Art books when I read in the process I understand what I read, but I can’t remember, I can’t remember some wonderful thoughts from the book, remember famous words from movies. In a word, my memory has deteriorated terribly, which really bothers me a lot. It seems that I am illiterate)) of course, no one told me about it, but, when I hear a question, I want to answer, Knowing well that I know, read, heard, but I can’t remember, I feel very bad. I do not know, but, by and large, the intervention of a doctor will not be so effective, rather, it will direct you somewhere, for example, brain exercises, some conversations….go to any hospital, tell the problem in the waiting room, they will send it for sure.

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