My colleague and I were leaving the university

My colleague and I were leaving the university, and one woman (with terrible facial features, I don’t mean Gesh, she had very repulsive and evil eyes) came up and asked about some kind of transport.
He asks me if we are friends, I say, let’s say Yes (what do you allegedly want?).
Another one leaned over, my girlfriend says she has a big eye on her, pointing at me.
All this time I’m saying, okay, okay, yeah, let’s just say…
I came from Ijevan (not to politicize  ), and I’m in the district committee in someone’s house, I’ll take my eyes off the house, say, A good road where you want to go.
He urged me to throw this eye into the water and buy it for the writer.
We stand for a few minutes looking at each other with two surprised students, and I get up at the bus stop.
A grandmother, a little girl with a grandson, is standing in my way in front of this witch, and the same text that she told me says…
I came up and said that I had done this and said the same thing to me, asked this grandmother to go and not listen to her, you can’t imagine how she persuaded this grandmother, well, they needed quick money, but such a person. I showed him a good place, well-mannered and with a normal vocabulary and went to the bus stop…
A stop followed me and told me what I told them
I just told him if he didn’t go there, I’d go to the police, and he disappeared, measuring me wrong…
What will my parable show…
Girls, be careful with such vile people, do not be afraid and do not pay attention to those on your side.
Here are such big two beautiful eyes I have a third what do I need?

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