My dear ones, I’m pregnant who wrote about not giving in to the minibus

My dear ones, I’m pregnant who wrote about not giving in to the minibus:
I am 35-36 weeks pregnant, very thin with a very large belly,
The first.When I get on the minibus, I try to get on them, or I go into the phone, I look out the window so as not to notice that he is pregnant, so as not to take offense at anyone, not to give up their place, and once I did not expect that someone would be on the spot. I feel very uncomfortable even if I concede, this person is being persuaded by the Eu that it’s OK, have a seat:
The second dear girls, I also worked, I was also very tired, even worked the night shift, from back pain, legs, carrying sleep, but, unfortunately, I was hurt due to pain in my legs and back:
Third. Dear girls, when you get pregnant, you will just get acquainted with many inconveniences of a pregnant woman when the bus sits down and sits in one place, or someone casually moves to hit you on the stomach with a hand or a bag, or someone pushes you so sweetly that everything will be bad
and no pregnant woman is obliged to take a taxi, especially if she has financial problems, a minibus is for everyone:
I do not demand to be conceded, there is no need for a good charge, I do not need, I do not expect and I am not surprised by indifference, especially since standing young people are pushing indifferently:
I just share my surprise, take care of your nerves, stay fine

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