My grandmother used to say

My grandmother used to say:..
Don’t let the pans shine brighter than you:
Don’t take the cleanliness of the house so seriously:
But after my grandmother’s words, I noticed that everyone for whom I was trying to be the « perfect mistress » was very busy, they went for a walk every day , rested, lived happily-worked and enjoyed life without explaining anything to anyone. :
And I was just thinking about this – « what if suddenly someone comes to visit. »..
Suddenly I realized that I was not obliged to explain the situation at home to anyone. people care about what I do at home all day.:
Life is short, enjoy it:
Clean the powders… but out of necessity. Take time to draw or write a poem, go for a walk or visit a friend, cook delicious things, water your favorite plants…
Give yourself free time to warm up in the sun on the shore or climb the mountains, play with children, listen to music, read books, get interested and enjoy life:
Clean only dust if necessary…. and that day will never come again:
Remember that while you are young, now there are many things that you can easily do, but in adulthood it will not be so easy:
And no one will remember what you cleaned and how often you run around the house with a dust cloth; but they will remember your smile, the shine of your eyes, the friendliness and the good times they spent with you:
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