People, a poisonous event is expected today

People, a poisonous event is expected today
So, a lunar eclipse is expected in a few hours… but that’s not all…
The term « supermoon » usually characterizes our natural satellite when it is at the point closest to the Earth, when it is on a full moon; that is, it is visible a little closer than usual))
Now, we don’t have enough supermoon, something is expected to eclipse
But there is a sad fact here… we certainly won’t be able to enjoy it, as the eclipse will start in the morning hours and end in six hours, 11 p.m. ️
But there is also a joyful fact))
So, the eclipse will be available live, so you can catch up in the morning and see how the phase of the maximum eclipse begins
Well, we leave a link to the live broadcast in the comments, as you already know, this year from September 5 to 10, Armenia will breathe space… Why?.. Because Armenia will host the unparalleled scientific and music festival Starmus, the founder of which is an astrophysicist of Armenian origin, a piece of life, Garik Israelian
But that wasn’t the main thing …
So this year (from this year) we decided to pay great attention to the social network and founded an Armenian-language Facebook page dedicated (at the moment) to the Armenian Starmus …
Now, the end of what we want to say
Guys, you can open your database with positive words and congratulate the space administrators of your heart, because the main part of the content in the scientific part of the Starmus page is what we write
Yes, yes, friends, this is a fantastic success for us, because 1-2 years ago we dreamed of some kind of connection with Starmus, today we already have a warm relationship with its author Garik Israelian, and we became part of the team of such a powerful festival (albeit temporary).

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