Remember a couple of weeks ago

Remember a couple of weeks ago I wrote that I was pregnant after many years of preparation for IVF.Maybe you also had such a problem, and everything ended well. After the 9th ointment, a little blood started, well, I won’t say what feelings the doctor experienced afterwards, medications, a calm regime. Thank God, everything was fine. I passed a lot of tests, the blood hit a lot from them , The medicine was added after 4 days everything is clean (I’m not writing in detail, I think you understand what I mean), yesterday it started again  I have a connection with the doctor everything is under control on Saturday, and I have to go with the scoundrel to listen.. Dear women, I don’t want to advise, maybe you have come such a way as my story, share how everything went with you.Once I bled so much that I hurried, I would like to do it, the doctor did not believe that the heart would be heard, but it was heard:
up to three months, on the days of each monthly period there will be a struggle in the body, there may be no blood, there will be no production, do not be afraid, but be sure to inform your doctor, and it will be good for you to lay down until the fetus hardens well

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