So, a few months ago I met a guy on the Internet, at first glance

So, a few months ago I met a guy on the Internet, at first glance, I got a good impression based on his higher education and current job. He offers to meet and have coffee, I also do not refuse. The next day our conditioned hour passes, and he does not write. For several hours I write to him that you don’t need to negotiate with people if you can’t keep your agreements. He also wrote that he was allegedly wounded, that the day before he asked Where I live, and I did not say. (I answered his question in jest, and I didn’t really want to talk because I didn’t know yet):
So, he hasn’t been writing for a while, now he has reappeared. One day we were writing, talking in general terms about work, books, etc. And immediately they started asking questions about where I live, this time I answered, and also asked if I had a friend or not. Then I started asking detailed questions about how long we had been friends, what we broke up with, etc., and, frankly, I didn’t like that he was asking such detailed questions from my personal. (Please tell me that, in your opinion, it is normal to ask such questions earlier, not meeting and not knowing each other) I wrote to him that I don’t like discussing my personal with a person I’m not close to. But he « did not take into account » the fact that such questions are unpleasant to me, and said that it was also very important for him to know that there was something between us or not. So, I said it didn’t happen. I am telling Escan in such detail so that you understand his type.
And now the question. He wrote the next morning, we wrote, and in the afternoon I didn’t open or respond, but I was online. Today he wrote again, but I don’t know if I want to answer or not. At first I had a good impression of him, but now my impression has somehow changed, as if he said he wanted to ask. Yes, and also what I said is not pleasant for me to discuss my personal, I said I don’t like when I have questions. He is 29 years old, I am 24.

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