So, my daughter is nine years old

1. So, my daughter is nine years old, I want to know when it’s right to talk about the menstrual cycle and how to explain it correctly.2. I don’t know why I have some fear that I won’t be able to push my daughters away properly, but I will say that my eldest daughter is very smart and understanding, and my other daughter is still very ill.Now tell me, how do I get rid of these fears?I am writing questions here because I do not have such a person with whom I can consult, and I do not know because my mother died too early and there was no explanation for me.I will say that I have a wonderful husband and family.Gratitude: go to a cafe and relax separately with your child, say in a soft voice that he will gradually grow up and become a woman, and the beginning of this is the hairline that will appear in the appropriate places and breast enlargement. After that, he will menstruate every month, maybe not every month at first, and then he will normalize. It is possible that the stomach is painful, for this you need to keep your feet warm. Say that there is nothing to be afraid of, all healthy women have hematopoiesis. We just need to be sincere and share with you so that you can help in time if needed.

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