The family, my son, is not a playground for good and evil, justice and injustice

– The family, my son, is not a playground for good and evil, justice and injustice, the family in many ways is a Union of different people, where more and more love each other’s shortcomings than advantages, where the pain of one is the tragedy of all, success is the happiness of all. Family is the love and care of you more and less than you. The family is a ring with words from grandmother to daughter-in-law, from granddaughter to granddaughter, a worthy name, a surname passing from grandfather to son, from son to grandson.
Family is when losses and achievements become a story of shared regret or shared enthusiasm. When someone’s absence and absence are never filled by someone else, and the forever disappeared is replaced by warm stories and memories of him repeated for the thousandth time under his gaze looking at others with a photo on the wall. My son, Family is when one member of the house outside others look forward to late at night, meet, feed together and only after that lock the door of the house to take a quiet nap…
Be at home, my son..He was working on the sixth day, when an angel approached him, asked why he had spent so long doing it:
God answered: He must take care of himself when he is sick, work 18 hours a day, have only two hands and be able to kiss several children.:
The angel approached the creature and touched it.
– Oh, my God, he’s so fragile.:
– Yes, I created it fragile, but at the same time very strong.:
– He might think so.:
– Not only think, but also convince:
Angel held out the woman’s hand on the cheek and said:
– It seems a little defective. :
They express his sadness, suffering, loneliness, pride:
Angel was really impressed.
– You’re really a genius.:
– Yes, he has such a power that can surprise a man: She can laugh when she really wants to cry. She can smile when scary:
Then God sighed said:
– But he has the disadvantage that if he does not direct it, he can spoil his whole life:
– What is it?:
_ He doesn’t know his pri

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